Protect Your Bond 12 Months Plan

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Make your house move as easy as Sunday morning, your home as clean as a whistle and your bond return as fast as a kelpie chasing a tennis ball, with our Bond Clean payment plan.

Pay a monthly subscription over 12 months and come moving day, your professional bond clean is already paid for. Tell us about your home and we’ll calculate your monthly subscription – eg, if you’re renting a 2-bed, 1 bath apartment, your monthly payment will be a little over $64. At the end of 12 months, come moving day, the cost of your professional clean team are already covered. Not moving out immediately? That’s ok too, use it when you need it.

A poorly cleaned house can mean a delay to your bond refund. This could then mean missing out on that new property you love, taking out a costly bond bridging loan, or even getting a black mark against your rental record that could prevent future rental chances. And, with the packing, decluttering, procrastinating, power bursts and break-taking that inevitably goes with a house move, who has the time or energy for a full and thorough end of lease clean that’s required for your full bond return?

Make your house move easy, protect your peace of mind, your sanity, your relationships, your bank balance with Protect Your Bond.

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Prepay your bond clean over 12 months, take the headache out of your next move by leaving that huge house clean to the professionals and Protect your Bond return with our 12-month bond clean subscription plan.

My lease ended early, can I use the money before 12 months?
A small administration fee will apply, and the remaining money will be used towards a clean at your current premises or credited towards your new location if you resign to another plan.

Who will do the cleaning?
All cleaning will be carried out or monitored by NRE cleaning services, depending on the location of the property. As always, our guarantees apply.

Does it also cover maintenance jobs?
You can use the money toward maintenance if you need – we may be able to help with this, so get in touch.

How easy is Sunday morning?
Sunday morning is as easy as falling in love with a labrador puppy. It’s slightly easier than deciding on a name for that wriggling bundle and nowhere near as difficult as time travel.

Do you have any suggestions for what I can do with all of my free time now I don’t have to do the end of lease clean myself?
When we’re not cleaning, we enjoy breakfast with friends, walks on the beach, kite surfing, ikebana, visiting great aunt Carole, perfecting our chutney recipe, cuddling kittens, playing pranks on our teenage sons. There is literally an entire world of choice for you to enjoy when you’re not doing an end-of-lease clean. Go out and discover it.