Yes! we guarantee all items agreed to on the basic clean inclusions form, and will return to the property free of charge if there is an issue.

When you are leaving a rental property and moving, it is a very expensive time. Being able to spread the load over the preceding months will help tenants at this very costly time, and also help with removing some of the necessary decisions that cause headaches when you really don’t need them.

If you sign up to one of our plans we will offer free steam cleaning of up to 3 carpets valued at $120. You also get as peace of mind that this often difficult part of the moving process - that final clean before inspection - has been taken care of by professionals, who know what's needed for a shining exit and a bond return.

All cleaning will be carried out or monitored by NRE cleaning services, depending on the location of the property. As always, our guarantees apply.

A small administration fee will apply, and the remaining money will be used towards a clean at your current premises or credited towards your new location if you resign to another plan.

As long as the cleaners can get keys for entry and exit of the property you do not need to be present.

Please contact Protect Your Bond and we would be more than happy to accommodate any reasonable requests.