Why we started our end-of-lease Bond Clean payment plan

Rod Abbott for Protect Your Bond

Why Protect Your Bond is important to me

I've been a home and office cleaner for more than 15 years. I know what's required for an end of tenancy clean that impresses your property manager. I also know the hard work and time that goes into getting that right.

I've seen many tenants heartbroken at the loss of their bond simply because they didn't know what a thorough clean entails.

This is why I started 'Protect Your Bond'.

I want to give people the tools to Protect their Bond return: pay for your Bond clean over 6 or 12 months, at an instalment cost that won't break the bank, then, when your lease comes to an end, we'll deliver a professional, sparkling clean your landlord will love.

We know you deserve a level of service that exceeds expectations in quality and delivery. If there's anything that your landlord picks up that may have been missed, Protect Your Bond guarantees a return to the property at no charge to you.

Protect your bond return with our bond clean payment plan

Did you know that an end of lease clean for a 2-bed house, can cost over $600?

Add a carpet clean and a pest spray (if you've got a furry friend) and you may have to ADD AN EXTRA $750 to the cost of moving.

But don’t worry.
Now, for the price of your daily coffee, you can pay your end of lease clean, take the headache out of moving and PROTECT YOUR BOND.


Leave the cleaning to the professionals by prepaying your end of lease clean. Protect your bond return and get your bond refund faster.


I'm really glad NRE cleaned our house before our bond inspection. The place was shining.

Last time we moved, we lost part of our bond because the place wasn't clean enough. This time, we signed up with Protect Your Bond and passed the clean over to the professionals.

We paid for our exit clean through Protect Your Bond and got all of our bond back. The estate agent said it was the best clean they'd seen.