Protect your bond with our bond clean payment plan


Sign up to our professional END-OF-LEASE-CLEAN PAYMENT PLAN and you'll make a sparking exit.

Protect your bond with our bond clean payment plan


Sign up to our professional END-OF-LEASE-CLEAN PAYMENT PLAN and you'll make a sparking exit.

Have you ever lost your bond because you didn’t leave your rental clean enough?

Don’t have the time (or energy) for an end of lease clean?

Ever wanted to hire a professional bond clean team, but didn't have the money?


Did you know that an end of lease clean for a 2-bed house, can cost over $600?

Add a carpet clean and a pest spray (if you've got a furry friend) and you may have to ADD AN EXTRA $750 to the cost of moving.

But don’t worry.
Now, for the price of your daily coffee, you can pay your end of lease clean, take the headache out of moving and PROTECT YOUR BOND.

AND! we'll give you a free carpet steam clean valued at $120! just for signing up!

Protect your bond FAQ


Protect your bond FAQ

What's in it for me if I sign up with you?

Get a free steam clean up to $120 when you sign up with Protect Your Bond!

We know the best-laid plans can often go to pieces, particularly at the costly time of moving house. Signing up with Protect Your Bond sets aside money for your end of lease clean, so, come moving time, it's already paid for.


Do I need to be present when the cleaning is carried out?

As long as the cleaners can get the keys for entry and exit of the property you do not need to be present.

Protect your bond FAQ

Why would I pay before I need the clean?

We're in the business of removing headaches!

Packing up and moving is really expensive. Being able to spread the load over some months will help you at this very costly time. It frees up your cash come moving date so you can make decisions and purchases quickly and easily.



Subscribe to our Bond Clean Payment Plan and smooth your next move. 

Protect your bond for the price of your daily coffee


I'm really glad NRE cleaned our house before our bond inspection. The place was sparkling, the property manager happy and the move was so much easier without that massive end of lease clean.

Jennifer, Manly South

Jennifer PYB testimonial

We paid for our exit clean through Protect Your Bond. It was a relief it was already paid for and got all of our bond back, really quickly.

John, Forest Lake

Joh PYB testmonial

Last time we moved, we lost part of our bond because the house wasn't clean enough. This time, we signed up with Protect Your Bond and passed the clean over to the professionals.

Robert, Woolloongabba

Protect Your Bond testimonial Robert Wooloongabba
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